Tom had aimed for an easy day at Wilton with just Toledo de Kerser to dressage and showjump.  Toledo duly won the dressage with a 25 and jumped clear before being saved for Gatcombe next weekend and Tom then became “Catch ride King” for the rest of the day!

Holly Woodhead had a prang at Hickstead in the eventers Grand prix which has left her with a broken ankle.  Tom stepped in and rode Findus PFB and Parkfield Exclusive for Holly in the novice sections and also picked up the ride on Megan Healey’s Mr Sniffy in another novice section. In true Tom form he piloted them all clear cross country for a succesful day although he was heard to mutter as he passed Rodney Powell’s horsebox “I am not sure I trust this one!” as he bounced past on a keen unknown ride!