Poplar Park.

Having travelled a fair distance to Oasby on Friday Tom had a day at home before heading off to Poplar Park on Sunday with some exciting young up and coming horses.  You have to hand it to Tom, he might have put a few miles on the clock of the truck but he has had 8 starts already which is allot more than those that choose to start at Tweseldown.

Never being one to blow his own trumpet it was typical Tom that he kept the most dramatic moment of the day at Oasby on Friday to himself and in fact we may never have known about it at all if it hadn’t been for pro photographer Nico Morgan.  Nico posted a photo of Tom on Dreamaway (Dreamer) jumping cross country whilst simultaneously trying to eat Dreamer’s martingale.

Credit with thanks to https://www.nicomorgan.com

As far as I understand the martingale attachment malfunctioned and must have been flapping around.  So our cool as ice Tom unbuckles his reins, slides off said martingale (presumably with his teeth as I cant quite fathom how exactly it ended up in his mouth) and calmly completes the track and finished in 2nd.

I am also assuming that nothing so dramatic occurred at Poplar but we may have to wait for the photos to come out!  I do know that Tom dominated the small intermediate section picking up 2nd, 4th and 6th with `Cassiana de Riverland (Cassey), Coilibri de Riverland (Coilibri) and Chatsworth Diamond (Bill) respectively.  Cassey and Coilibri jumped double clears whilst Bill just picked up 4 faults in the showjumping but they all pulled out for 2020 on flying form. Cassey only did her first intermediate at the end of last season, Coilibri had some more experience at the level than that and Bill was the hero of the day at Millstreet when he finished 4th in the CI2*L so basically this was his first shot at the level.

Brookfield Benjamin Bounce is way ahead of those three with a whopping 164 points on his card after his own heroics at a very soggy Lion d’Angers where he finished in the top 3 and he has clearly come out fresh and happy to score a 29 and a double clear for 12th in his OI section.

Many thanks to Nico Morgan for allowing us to use his awesome photo and capturing such a surreal moment!