Pau CCI 4 star 13th October

img_1073-png-eekTom and Toledo de Kerser trotted up early this morning in Pau, most people stating that it was still dark!  Rather unusually Pau holds the 4 star jog on the Thursday morning and then the dressage begins at lunchtime after the CIC 2 star dressage is over.

They then did their test this afternoon and in his first 4 star test Toledo scored a commendable 50.3, less than 7 points off the lead which is held , somewhat predicatbly, by Micky Jung on Fisherocanna !  That is pretty impressive for a debut 4 star test at just 9 years old!

Last year Pau seemed to be on something of a budget whereas this year they seem to have decided to become the Le Lion of the South and they have built some very colourful fences.  Tim Price sent the photo with the caption “eek!” which seemed pretty much to sum up the description of the fence!

A day off for Toledo and Tom tomorrow then they head out on the cross country on Saturday.  FEI TV is covering the cross country day and the Daily Motion site has some rather dodgy coverage as well in the meantime.