Oasby 7th March

Well some picked Tweseldown and some picked Oasby and Tom really did make the right choice to kick off his 2020 campaign.  Whilst Tweseldown compounded the wettest winter on record with torrential rain both the day before and the day of its inaugural event of 2020 forcing a lunchtime abandonment Oasby’s peaty soil looked pretty damn good by comparison and there were even reports of weak sunshine!

Four smart advanced horses to begin with which is always nice and it was very nearly a winning start to the season as well with Ken and Barbara Cooper’s star of 2019 Dreamaway ( Dreamer) posting a 23 dressage and adding just 4.4 time faults to that for a valiant runner up slot to the 2019 Queen of Eventing Piggy March.( neé French)  What a way to back up Dreamy’s form coming off the back of his runner up slot at Blenheim and a very exciting prospect for this season.

The same owners have Figaro van het Broekxhof (Fig) and he has the 5 star route in mind so this was a simple opener for him. A 70% test, a rail and a cruisey clear cross country adding 22 time ticked al the the boxes for him and left a happy Fig at the truck who enjoyed an easy spin round an OI.

CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) is a bit of a wonder mare and she posted a 26 and a double clear with 15 time to kick off her campaign for the year.  Braveheart B ( Dougie) is one of Tom’s favourites and another owned by the Coopers and his 27 dressage and double clear with 12 time was good enough for 12th in yet another competitive section.

So a great start for Tom and his team and plenty to be excited about for this year.  Of course Tokyo is the big thing on the horizon as always in an Olympic year but it’s worth taking in the bigger picture of happy horses doing a job that they love with a world class rider because it really is quite special.

Join us on the rollercoaster that 2020 has to offer!