News by Jacky Green

Tweseldown ( Fri) & Barbury (Sat)

Team McEwen hit the ground running with three consecutive days of competition lined up for the first weekend of sport since mid March. Friday saw Tom at Tweseldown with three OI rides, all experienced horses which was the perfect way to dust off ... read more

Poplar Park.

Having travelled a fair distance to Oasby on Friday Tom had a day at home before heading off to Poplar Park on Sunday with some exciting young up and coming horses.  You have to hand it to Tom, he might have put a few miles on the clock of the ... read more

Oasby 7th March

Well some picked Tweseldown and some picked Oasby and Tom really did make the right choice to kick off his 2020 campaign.  Whilst Tweseldown compounded the wettest winter on record with torrential rain both the day before and the day of its ... read more

Pau SJ Sunday..TOM WINS A 5 STAR!

Well here we go…. its the end of the  2019 evening season and Tom has ticked the ultimate box and won the 5* at Pau. Figaro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) played his part this afternoon by jumping an immaculate clear round and giving Tim the ... read more

Pau Sunday Jog

Overnight leaders Tom and Toledo de Kerser looked a picture at the jog in Pau this morning and flew through much to the delight of their supporters.  It has been a big week out in Pau and there is allot of pressure when you are sitting on a ... read more

Pau Cross Country Day

In a striking difference to the start of the week (not to mention as well as at home in the UK) cross country day dawned with blue skies, sunshine… and it was actually hot which was an added problem for the horses running a 5 star track ... read more

Pau Friday Dressage

And for Toledo de Kerser…the sun came out.  Toledo looked magnificent as he sparkled in the sunshine and suddenly the hats and boots and winter coats were gone and Pau looked as gloriously ‘end of summer’ as it usually does. ... read more

Pau Thursday Dressage

Figaro van het Broekxhof (Fig) drew the short straw and had to strut his stuff on Thursday at Pau although Toledo de Kerser would have probably preferred to get the dressage done and dusted and swop into a jumping saddle as fast as possible! The ... read more

Le Lion d’Angers Showjumping

Tom led Lordships Graffalo (Walter) and Brookfield Benjamin Bounce  through the jog  this morning with no problems and both horses got to have a bit more rest whilst the 6 year olds jumped in the morning. More overnight rain meant that the ... read more

Le Lion d’Angers Cross Country

Tom got to watch the classy section of 6 year olds run cross country in the morning before heading out as No.2 on Lordships Graffalo (Walter).  Le Lion follows a very similar track year after year with iconic fences and a smattering of new ones ... read more

Le Lion d’Angers Dressage

The sun came out on Thursday morning for Lordships Graffalo’s ( Walter’s)  dressage test but it was on decidedly soggy footing!  At least as 2nd in they had some traction and the grass still looked pretty green.  The judging at Le ... read more

Le Lion d’Angers

A pretty soggy crew as you can see for the jog at Le Lion on Wednesday afternoon!  It is forecast to rain for most of the week but this afternoon saw some non stop precipitation which did little to dampen the spirits of all concerned as it is ... read more

Little Downham

Only when you have a cracking team at home can you hotfoot it back from Lignieres overnight and rock up at Little Downham in Cambridge with two 5 star horses on the Monday! The OI class at Little Downham seemed to be the destination event for ... read more


A mini break for Tom out in Lignieres with just two horses for the CI3*L and  whilst the week started in sunshine it ended with somewhat miserable weather with what looked like rain and pretty cool and breezy conditions! Tom and Bob Chaplin ... read more


After the fun of Blenheim began to wane when Tom had to hang around for the prize giving for the CI3S at 5.15 and then go home, unpack and repack for an 8am dressage at Pontispool it was good that he had two super rides! Dream Big ( Dreamy) ... read more

Blenheim Sunday

Summer finally deserted us on Sunday morning and the rain set in for the CI4*S cross country and by the time Tom and Dreamaway (Dreamer) set out just one combination had made time.  Dreamer has had the odd blip cross country but today he had ... read more

Blenheim Saturday

The sort of perfect day for an eventer like Tom with a huge crowd pouring into the gates of Blenheim Palace, beautiful sunshine, big tracks to jump in both the cross country and and showjumping and two super young horses to do it on. CHF ... read more

Blenheim Friday

Friday at Blenheim and what can only be described as a simply fabulous day weather wise when the sun shone and shorts and T shirts were the order of the day.  Huge crowds flocked in to enjoy the lovely estate at its best and we were pretty sure ... read more

Blenheim Thursday

A pretty fun Blenheim for Tom and the crew as he just has CHFCooliser ( Eliza) in the CI4*L and Dreamaway ( Dreamy ) In the 4*S.  Blenheim ballot heavily so it is never an event where riders have multiple rides so it has a sort of end of term ... read more


A slightly belated Gatcombe post so apologies… last Friday seems a while ago! Living on site has both advantages and disadvantages as we have documented before but with 9 horses running over the weekend at least there was no spending hours ... read more

Burghley Young Event Horse

Tom appears confused how how a bridle comes undone as he has to do the confirmation section with Shannondale Aero.   Being on the wrong side of the Park with 4 rides for the young event horse class was not really the way Tom had planned to ... read more

Wellington Bank Holiday Monday

As the social media world woke up to the shattering news that Tom and Toledo de Kerser will not be competing at the European Championships in Luhmuhlen Tom was already en route to Wellington Horse Trials with 2 advanced horses and one ... read more

Millstreet SJ and Cross Country

Another cool rainy day in Millstreet but it was hats off to Tom and Chatsworth Diamond ( Bill) as they show jumped clear to move up to 4th spot in the CI2*L class which is a huge success story for the Duchess of Devonshire’s homebred grey. ... read more