News by Jacky Green

Farley 24th June

Paddy showjumping     Farley is an old fashioned style of event… with all the best bits!  The car parking / lorry parking staff are exceptionally polite and helpful, the event has a fairly spread out dressage /SJ/ XC feel but the ... read more

Nunney 18th June

Back down to Nunney on a gloriously hot June day with Splash of the Irish (Dennis) for the Novice Regional Final.  This is a qualifying class for the Novice Championships at Gatcombe and is run as an Intermediate novice and a dressage score of ... read more

Nunney 16th June

On a beautiful sunny day Tom headed south to Nunney which is always a popular mid June event and a destination for the babies as they tend to step up a level here as its after the spring three days and they have had a few runs under their belts. ... read more

Bramham Showjumping 11th June

Well Bramham certainly took its toll…. Joyride ( Wibley) may have been lying 32nd going into the showjumping but there were 28 others behind him that did not even make it to the showjumping! 1 rail and a time fault proved to be a very good ... read more

Bramham Cross Country 10th June.

Some days go to plan and some days don’t.  Today was a “don’t” day! Joyride ( Wibley) has enormous scope but sometimes he just doesn’t read the instructions!  This translates to listening to Tom and although the ... read more

Bramham CCI 3 star dressage 9th June

Tom and Joyride ( Wibley) are the lone representatives of Team McEwen at Bramham which is fairly unusual! Tom usually has a stack of rides such as at Tatts last week but its just him and Wibley flying the flag at the CCI 3 star. Bramham has been ... read more

Tattersalls International 4th June

Just Royal Roxey to jog and jump today and she did Tom proud! Flying through the jog no problem… but Roxey has had the odd blonde moment in the showjumping and it is never a guaranteed phase for her!  She is mysterious as well… when ... read more

Tattersalls 3rd June Update

Confirmation from Tom that indeed Splash of the Irish ( Dennis) did have a cheeky stop at fence 4 and that Tom was not impressed to say the least! The horses in the CIC 1 stay YH class nearly made up for that… The Magician did pull a ... read more

Tattersalls 1st, 2nd and 3rd June

Tom headed off to Tatts with a lorry full of young horses and a busy week ahead of him.  He has been rocking it in the dressage with some seriously great scores, all 4 of his rides in the forties! Splash of the Irish ( Dennis)  posted a 42.6 ... read more

Pontispool 28th May

Over a beautifully sunny weekend Tom headed south to Pontispool with three babies on board for the BE100 class.  As it turned out he had a bit more time than he thought as when they arrived it became apparent that Nasdaq High (Bodie) had earned ... read more

Rockingham 21st May

Welcome though the rain we have had in the last week was, I don’t think Rockingham quite appreciated it as much as the riders did!  Tractors towing trucks in and out and trashed car parks are not ideal but they soldiered on and did an ... read more

Chatsworth International 13th & 14th May

What an amazing weekend for Tom and his team!  Talk about riding high after Badminton, to pick up two FEI wins in one weekend is simply brilliant!   The first win came courtesy of The Magician (Mars pictured above with Syndicate Members) ... read more

Aston Le Walls 10th May

After the celebrations of Toledo’s spectacular Badminton debut it was good old Aston to put some reality back into the day to day job!  Although having said that since it was Lucy Jackson’s pride and joy Willy Do that had an 8.30 ... read more

Badminton Showjumping 7th May

I think that Tom was on the horse that most other riders wanted to showjump today!  Having flown through the jog in the morning Toledo de Kerser looked spectacular in the warm up and gave a superb display of jumping in the main arena.  That ... read more

Badminton Cross country 6th May

Well wow!  What a day! Old fashioned skills were required today like cross country ability, the smart brain  to change a plan mid field, rise to the occasion and ride what was a feel and deal with it situation. Tom has this in spades and he ... read more

Badminton Dressage 4th May

It was a cool breezy morning but the sun came out for Toldeo de Kerser’s test and what a picture Tom and Toledo made! Lucy Seddon had Toledo simply gleaming and Tom rode him with such assured confidence that they looked like they owned the ... read more

Withington 29-30th April

Withington is a fairly local affair for Tom and he certainly made the most of it with 7 rides over the two days. Nothing like 7 cross country rounds for getting your eye in for Badminton!   CHF Cooliza (Eliza) did a nice test for a 32, ... read more

Bicton 21st April

A trip down the M5 with 5 horses to Devon for Tom and his team.  Bicton is a venue that works hard to get competitors there and they mix classes on the same day, offer really good value stabling and generally try to be as helpful as possible. ... read more

Burnham Market International 14-15th April

An 8.30 am dressage in Norfolk on Good Friday…. guess that’s one way not to hit traffic!  Tom had a bust day on Friday with CIC 2 and 3 star dressage, an advanced, an Oi and an intermediate to get through. Reports of a bitter ... read more

Larkhill 8th April

Wow.  Larkhill in April is usually an exersize in polar warfare crossed with Apsley Cherry Garrards “Worst Journey in the World”.  This year, apart from the now legendary Salisbury Plain pot holes on the drive in ( you could ... read more

Portman 4-5th April

A bit closer to home than Lincolnshire for the young horses although as Tom says perhaps not as easy to find your way home from!  Tuesday was for the novices and The Magician (Mars) posted a 33, picked up 8 faults in the showjumping and enjoyed ... read more

Belton International April 1st & 2nd

A busy weekend for Tom with 6 rides across the board.  Lucy Jackson’s Willy Do just did the dressage and then was withdrawn while Superstition ( Stinky ) was allowed to do all three phases.  A rather exuberant 37 was followed by a single ... read more

Burgham and Gatcombe March 26th.

Tom did go to Lincoln last weekend which I totally missed so apologies for that!  Toledo de Kerser yet again breezed through the event with a 30 dressage and the regulation double clear.  Tom and Strike Smartly got to know each other a little ... read more