Lignières Dressage

Tom has three nice horses out in France at the most welcoming venue of Lignières where the stables are permanent, the organising committee are incredibly helpful and the venue boasts a large all weather sand arena similar to most found in France which is always a welcome  addition in October.  The weather has been much as it has in the UK, sunshine and showers but the forecast for tomorrow’s cross country looks pretty sunny.

Coilbri de Riverland spearheaded the team with his dressage on Thursday in the 3L and it was generally felt from the UK visitors that the judges were not the excitable type. A 31.4 was perhaps on the conservative side and Brookfield Benjamin Bounce, he of the podium finish at Le Lion d’Angers Young Horse Championships last year and rarely unplaced did a lovely test to sit third but on 29.3 which in a 3L with a smattering of 5* horses heading to Pau is not exactly throwing out the 8’s and 9’s!

Braveheart B (Dougie) is in the 4L and he lies 12th in a classy field on 30.8. Its Dougie’s debut at this level so a really good effort.  The judges were not going wild in this division either but hopefully the cross country will shake everything up a bit and that at least is not dependant on anyones opinion except the horse!