Le Pin au Haras ( Saturday)


GBR-Tom McEwen rides Dreamaway. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Another busy day in France for Tom and his crew but a great performance from Coilibri de Riverland in the 3*S SJ for a clear to kickstart the day. Coilibri is such a smart jumping machine and is rattling through the grades at present with advanced points being very much on the cards after this weekend.

Next up was the enormous 4*S incorporating the Nations Cup and Figaro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) was the first of Tom’s rides ( as Nations Cup rules dictate). Fig appeared to be wearing the rather unusual combination of a hackamore and  martingale but hey ho, Tom was proved to be right with his tack selection when Fig jumped a beautiful clear round.  This was not to be underestimated as many of the huge class faulted and even with 1.4 added to time Fig rose from 31st to 20th.

In a busy late afternoon CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) was awesome to post a clear showjumping which moved her from 76th to 46th and quite the achievement given the class of the opposition.  Braveheart B ( Dougie), love of the yard, got a bit starstruck to have 2 in a row to move in a snails pace from 71st to 69th but he will recover from the shock and be awesome tomorrow as that is the sort of guy Dougie is.

Earlier Dreamaway ( Dreamer) had scampered around the 3*L cross country clear in time to move up from 6th to 5th.  We do think he was rather penalised by his harsh ( for Dreamer) dressage score but he is just 2.1 off the lead so all to play for tomorrow.

So its all normal… Tom with lots of horses, Tom with lots of chances.  What is not normal Is facemarks, social distancing and plenty of people just wanting to get back to normal!