Le Pin au Haras ( Friday)


GBR-Tom McEwen rides Dreamaway.   Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Dressage continues with Tom having more than enough horses on site to keep him busy but with some 20 odd at home also a bit of a holiday!

Braveheart B ( Dougie) and CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) did their tests in the strong CI4*S class and whilst Eliza has been at this level for a while it’s a step up for Dougie.  Eliza posted a 36 which was not quite the plan but to be fair to a busy young lady she has been out of practice in an International arena for a while.  Dougie is by far and away the yard favourite ( you would think that would be Toldedo de Kerser but he is pretty aloof whereas Dougie is a people person!)  and his middle name is try.  His changes are not quite established in the arena yet and a score of 35 at his first attempt is no disgrace.

Dreamway (Dreamer) has been a prolific winner for Tom and the pair have a great relationship.  Dreamer posted a 29 in the 3*L which is just shy of 3 marks off the lead and bodes well for the rest of the weekend.

France suddenly being designated a country with a withdrawn air corridor obviously complicated matters today but we had a plan and World Class have been very quick to implement it.  The guys that can be exempt from quarantine are elite sports people, they have not been partying in nightclubs on the coast or in the bars of Paris, they have been in a secure zone with strict protocols in place and no general public…. I think we will be fine for competitions in the next couple of weeks!