Le Lion d’Angers Cross Country

Firstly a slight correction to yesterday… Tom is not in fact in the lead with a rail in hand, he was after day one of dressage but Ingrid Klimke and Ollie Townend had sneaked into that bracket by the end of Friday!

Tom must have had plenty of time on his hands today as he was early to go in the 6 year old class and after he and MHS Brown Jack had popped around for a clear in time it was job done and barely 10am.  Jack didn’t find it unduly hard but there were more combinations than normal finding it quite the question which is unsurprising in a year when the horses have had half the usual season to prepare for it. The leaderboard remained unchanged for the top three with Tom and Jack 0.8 ahead of Ingrid and 3.9 ahead of Ollie so as always the showjumping will be a true down to the wire challenge.

Just the jog tomorrow morning and then the 6 year olds will jump in the morning.  Yard superstar Toldeo de Kerser is due to leave the UK in the early hours of Sunday morning to drive down to Pau to meet up with Tom for the onward journey to Pau and Jack will come home for a well deserved holiday…..what ever tomorrow brings!