A beautiful sunny day for Dauntsey on Friday and as temperatures rose into the mid thirties there were allot of hot sweaty faces around with shirts and ties and synthetic materials sticking to sticky bodies! The competition gear in general is definitely not summer friendly for the most part when it gets hot but the horses were all pretty happy when they found some shade and the going was great, not least because it has been cool and cloudy for much of the last week. Oh, and Beanie has spent hours on the aggravator!

4 novice rides for the day with half brothers Spring Morning ( Charlie) and Royal Spring ( Ralph) both putting in good tests and quality double clears. Charlie was 5th in his section and Ralph 8th in his although at a definite 17hh plus I think the heat was quite tough on Ralph! He is a big horse but he has been beautifully produced and both of them looked like they enjoyed their day.

Brookfield Carnival (Ted) was tackling his first novice which is not always the wisest move at Dauntsey but he came out of the day covered in glory with his very first BE point and a double clear for 12th in his section. Superstar of the day definitely goes to Something Extra ( Sonny) who hasn’t been out of the top 3 in any of his events since we started competing again and seems to have found a new lease of life with a personal best dressage mark of 22.  He yet again picked up some prize money and some more points to add to his tally and it was great to see him looking like he was having so much fun.

Strange times we live in… now Tom has a weekend off ( unheard of in August!) before heading up to Cholmondeley near Liverpool on Monday and Tuesday with 8 intermediate and advanced horses.  Maybe this should be the way forward!