Burnham Market Dressage

Fig at Cornbury Park last weekend, image courtesy of sponsor https://williamcareyphotography.com

Tom took 5 horses up to the Norfolk coast for Burnham Market in a week where we would normally be popping down the road to Blenheim. It’s a no thrills event with things pared down to a minimum which is pretty much what everyone expected as only a couple of months ago any sort of 4*Long was not looking very likely.

In the 4L Tom has CHF Coolizer (Eliza) who made her debut at this level at Blenheim last year.  A 33.9 has left her pretty much mid field whilst much more experienced stable mate Figaro van het Broeksxhof ( Fig) is just outside the top 25 on a 31.6.

The 4*S sees a head to head between 5* winner Toledo De Kerser, first time at this level Bob Chaplin (Bob) and Dreamaway (Dreamer) who was runner up at the 4S 8/9 year old class at Blenheim last year.  If you think that would be a heads up as to the placings after two days of dressage then… well.  We are actually a bit baffled.  Tom was first in yesterday morning on Toledo and felt that he had done one of his best tests to date. Cue a score of 26.7.  Some 5.2 points off the lead.  Even more mystifying is the smart but green at this level Bob was merely a mark behind on 26.8!  And Dreamer, who has led the dressage many times, is on 28.8 so who knows what the judges were penalising or especially rewarding.

A combination of lovely sunshine and strong winds straight off the Atlantic from Scandinavia is not looking good for much give in the ground and with no rain forecast for the weekend it is certainly going to be fast ground. Still, it’s alway nice to be at Burnham Market minus the snow, sleet or driving spring rain and they have made a huge effort to get this event up and running in the short time frame they have had.