Cross country day at Blenheim for the CCI 3 star and the day dawned with pouring rain which went on relentlessly all morning.  Tom is no stranger to muddy and wet conditions, in fact he rather revels in them and he and Joyride  (Wibley) had a great run cross country to come home clear with 16 time.  No one made time; Andrew Nicholson came closest with just one second over and Tom remained in 16th position.  The course did not seem to cause any serious problems with faults being fairly evenly spread around the track although the turn back into the woods for the coffin looked particularly to break up the rhythm that the horses had built up.

Wibley certainly looked very experienced and he answered all of the questions well so I am sure Tom and the team of syndicate owners must be very pleased with him.

Toledo jumps the showjumping track in the 8/9 years olds later this afternoon and ground conditions on site must be getting fairly revolting by now!