Blair Castle ERM

Apologies for the gap in blog posting… entirely my fault not Team McEwen’s!

In a brave move Tom decided to put Diesel (Charlie) back into eventing competition.  Having had a great run at Hickstead and Charlie looking sound and fit afterwards any normal person may have selected a quiet OI run somewhere since Charlie’s last outing was Luhmuhlen 4 star in 2015 which ended after dressage and his last cross country run was in the very distant past…. but hey no!  Tom chooses Blair Castle ERM in Scotland and one of the biggest events of the year!

Dressage went pleasingly to plan with Charlie posting a 44.5 which was good enough for 4th spot.  Everyone was fairly surprised that Charlie was quite so cooperative but he was delighted to be back out again!  The showjumping was admittedly a slightly “rude” affair with Charlie being fairly bullish but since his last outing had been to gallop flat out round Hickstead he did have every excuse!  2 rails dropped him down just 1 place as the time was so ridiculously tight that hardly anyone went clear.

Cross country at Blair is always a tough, hilly and stamina sapping affair.  When asked if Charlie had been cross country schooling in his lay off Tom replied “Certainly not.  He is a lunatic cross country schooling!” which i thought was simply brilliant.  They charged round the track looking the epitome of a 4 star horse and rider and Tom just grinned from ear to ear from start to finish.  3.6 time elevated them up into 2nd spot, a podium finish and a big cheque thanks to the generosity of the ERM sponsorship.

Charlie may be a throughbred but he doesnt really look it… he has a big munter head, he can be incredibly rude and he is not the easiest.  But he has a heart of gold, an unbelieveable sense of honesty, scope to burn and a true desire to do the job.  It really was just a fantastic weekend and so very good to see Tom and Charlei right back up there on the International stage.