GBR-Tom McEwen rides Braveheart B.  Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Eventing is in a funny place at the moment… it’s been a crazy “resumption” having gone from nothing to mad busy in such a short space of time and with events trying so hard to fit everyone in and do the right thing most of the planning has gone out of the window!

Which is how Tom ended up with just the one BE100 horse down in Devon at Bicton before riding 5 on the Sunday.  If you are going to head down South with just one pony you would want to hope its a good pony and Brookfield Carnivan (Ted) ticked all the boxes with a 26 dressage which he neatly added nothing to and he duly won his section.

Sunday was a tad busier and timetabling meant that Bob Chaplin did his dressage at 8 am and still hadn’t gone cross country at 4pm!  Bob posted a 29 and a solid double clear adding some 14 time on the rolling course which wound up and down the valley and in and out of the woods. CHF Cooliser (Eliza) was anything but cool going down to the start box after her 28 dressage and a single error in the showjumping and she engaged reverse gear and went quite some way in a quiet but determined fashion.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it all the way to the M5 and clearly Tom was also thinking the same thing so he hopped off and led her into the start box with some assistance from his better half and politely asked the starter if it was OK if he was legged up in the box.  The starter confirmed this and Eliza set out quite happily having thrown her stroppy mare tantrum and got her own way and loved every minute of her seamless round. Eliza likes going fast so Tom made her wait for 20 time so at the end of it Eliza wasn’t exactly sure if she had won or lost!

Coilbri de Riverland is simply storming through intermediate and added another 8 points to her tally to currently sit on 55 with her 3rd place at Bicton. Her 27 dressage and adding just 2 time means that in her three runs this season she has had a win, a third and a fourth. That is pretty consistent for an 8 year old.

Figaro van het Broekxhof (Fig) was in the AI and he got to do his test on the all weather. His score of 31.8 had a 6% difference between the 2 judges but there was no disagreement in the jumping phases where Fig found an easy double clear was the order of the day.

Star of Sunday was Braveheart B (Dougie) who impressed the judges with a 26.8 and added nothing to it to win his OI section and claim the chicken dinner.  Dougie is a really lovely yard stalwart and always puts his best foot forward.

Tom is pretty impressive on days like this, he treks backwards and forwards to the truck, never looks anything other than completely laid back, chats to mates and is as happy going for time on the cross as he is to trundle round with 20 penalties. It’s what makes him such a good competitor and really fun for all of his supporters.