Barbury International 6th July

Just a couple of CIC 2 star dressage tests for Tom at Barbury Castle today on a stunning July day with temps reaching the low thirties and plenty of beetroot faced riders in top hat and tails.  Joyride ( Wibbley) was having his first outing since Bramham and was quite happy to find himself back at one of his favorite events and in the 2 star for some fun.  He duly put his best foot forward and scored 44.2 which is exactly the same score he posted in 2016 and a good omen as he finished on it and won his section!  Maybe even then he was trying to tell us that he really digs the 2 star level!  As Tom remarked when he came out, ” I still worked harder than he did!” which sums up Wibbley really, he is well trained, mightily capable but the old fashioned school report of “could try harder” is sometimes relavant.  Although from Wibbley’s point of view I have to agree with him, if you can win 2 stars without breaking a sweat why would you do otherwise?!

Later in the day when it was really quite hot for England, Royal Roxey posted a 54 in her CIC 2 star section which is a slightly below par test for her although she was on her first outing since Tattersalls.  Roxey usually flatters the dressage judges with her flashy trot but the arena she was in was undulating to say the least which would not have helped her balance!

Highlight of the day for me was when Tom loomed up behind me on a simply huge chestnut mare with a striking white face.  He introduced Cassiana de Riverland, aka Cassey, and pronounced her his current favourite.  Having turned 5 on the 4th of July Cassey then displayed all of the principles of independence as she squealed and half bronced off towards the inviting open grass spaces of the young horse warm up.  Tom went from somewhat ambitiously wondering whether the BYEH judges would let him have a play over the course while they were on a break ( the sun must have gone to his head) to downgrading to the possibility of a warm up cross pole to a firm grip on the neck strap and some walk trot and canter as unit. Cassey looked as though her first foray into the world of competition venues was much to her liking and I can see why Tom loves her!