Month: September 2019 by Jacky Green


After the fun of Blenheim began to wane when Tom had to hang around for the prize giving for the CI3S at 5.15 and then go home, unpack and repack for an 8am dressage at Pontispool it was good that he had two super rides! Dream Big ( Dreamy) scored a 33 on the flat… Read more »

Blenheim Sunday

Summer finally deserted us on Sunday morning and the rain set in for the CI4*S cross country and by the time Tom and Dreamaway (Dreamer) set out just one combination had made time.  Dreamer has had the odd blip cross country but today he had his ears pricked and his mind totally on the job… Read more »

Blenheim Saturday

The sort of perfect day for an eventer like Tom with a huge crowd pouring into the gates of Blenheim Palace, beautiful sunshine, big tracks to jump in both the cross country and and showjumping and two super young horses to do it on. CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) is just 9 years old and wasn’t… Read more »

Blenheim Friday

Friday at Blenheim and what can only be described as a simply fabulous day weather wise when the sun shone and shorts and T shirts were the order of the day.  Huge crowds flocked in to enjoy the lovely estate at its best and we were pretty sure Dreamaway ( Dreamy) was going to nail… Read more »

Blenheim Thursday

A pretty fun Blenheim for Tom and the crew as he just has CHFCooliser ( Eliza) in the CI4*L and Dreamaway ( Dreamy ) In the 4*S.  Blenheim ballot heavily so it is never an event where riders have multiple rides so it has a sort of end of term feel to it as after… Read more »


A slightly belated Gatcombe post so apologies… last Friday seems a while ago! Living on site has both advantages and disadvantages as we have documented before but with 9 horses running over the weekend at least there was no spending hours in the truck! Star prize of the weekend goes to Lordships Graffalo ( Walter)… Read more »

Burghley Young Event Horse

Tom appears confused how how a bridle comes undone as he has to do the confirmation section with Shannondale Aero.   Being on the wrong side of the Park with 4 rides for the young event horse class was not really the way Tom had planned to spend Burghley 2019 and as he said, it… Read more »