Month: April 2019 by Jacky Green

Withington Manor

Saturday at Withington was an interesting mix of gale force winds, fresh horses and the feeling that you were stuck in an industrial tumble drier.  There were some lively dressage warm up with movements not required and some interesting tests although Tom’s trio of advanced horses were, on the whole, exceptionally well behaved. Braveheart B… Read more »

Burnham Market International

It is always a long old weekend at Burnham Market and with 5 horses spread over three days Tom must have had a fair amount of hanging out to do! Not that the weather was condusive to ‘hanging out’ as it varied form bitterly cold to snow and hailstorms which is what Norfolk tends to… Read more »

Belton Grantham Cup win, XC video

Eventing Life do such a fabulous job capturing the rounds of literally every single horse cross country with multiple shots of all the fences at all the events that they back. Belton is one of their highlights and as part of their generous package they post the winning round in its entirety for all to… Read more »