Month: October 2018 by Jacky Green

Bicton CIC 2 star

The end of the season for Tom and his team but the final outing was pretty impressive to say the least! Tom took 4 of his up and coming horses down to Bicton for the CIC 2 star which was hugely popular at the end of the season and had huge entries.  Bicton had stepped… Read more »

Boekelo Show Jumping

I have a feeling that Tom didn’t have too long to wait for the showjumping after the vet check… which both Royal Roxey and Watkins breezed through. Roxey didn’t exactly redeem herself with 16 faults although in fact that only dropped her one place! Taking out fence 1 and 2 is never the greatest start… Read more »

Boekelo Cross Country

Last year at Boekelo I don’t think we had a single day without endless pouring rain… this year they have basked in a heatwave in October which is unheard of at Boekelo!  Beautiful blue skies, crowds in shorts and T shirts… it felt like we were watching Luhmuhlen on the livestream! Tom is an accomplished… Read more »

Boekelo Friday dressage

Tom rode Zara Tindall’s Watkins today in the 3 star dressage and whilst dressage would not be Watkins’ favorite phase he ticks the boxes and does the job. He is a jumper and he does what he has to do in the dressage to get to the next phase.. a score of 38 is perhaps… Read more »

Boekelo Thursday dressage

The reports from Boekelo all say what fabulous weather they are having.. I cant imagine Boekelo under blue skies! Tom has Royal Roxey and he is also riding Watkins for Zara Tindall.  Roxey went today with Tom no doubt hoping that the quieter atmosphere on the Thursday would suit Rockstar Roxey and help him get… Read more »