Month: August 2018 by Jacky Green

Wellington OI and A

No peace for the wicked… an overnight drive back from Scotland for Tom and the team and a turnaround for Wellington. Toledo de Kerser had a quiet run around the OI with a 29 dressage and the usual double clear for 10th spot and all things set for WEG… always good to have that last… Read more »

Blair Castle CCI’s and ERM CIC 3 star

It  has been a busy weekend for Tom and then today the rain came down in spades just to make things a tad more complicated.  I take my hat off to the team.. Lucy Seddon in particular as managing 5 horses in wind and rain is just not fun! The local crew had come dressed… Read more »

Blair Castle CCI and ERM CIC 3

Sunshine at Blair for Super Saturday with plenty of rides to keep Tom busy.  Strike Smartly ( Paddy) went all out as one of only three horses to make time which demonstrates how fit he is as he wouldn’t be the most streamlined of horses if viewed on his winter holidays!  He and Tom scorched… Read more »

Blair Castle

Having been selected for WEG with Toledo de Kerser ( which was actually not that much of a surprise when you think about it) Tom decided that he had better make this weekend count so he drove 5 horses up to Blair Castle in Scotland to contest 4 different classes. ( Ahem. I doubt he… Read more »

Hartpury CIC 3 star

Two advanced horses at Hartpury for Tom with Toledo de Kerser and Zara Tindall’s Watkins in the CIC 3 star.  Hartpury ran the CIC 3 dressage on the big outdoor surface alongside the CCI 1 star and this year it was the turn of the CCI 2 star horses to dressage in the spooky indoor……. Read more »