Month: May 2018 by Jacky Green

Houghton CCIO 3 XC

Three advanced cross country rides today at Houghton… probably without doubt one of Tom’s favorite types of days! With the sun shining but a breeze blowing it was pretty perfect conditions for running horses in and with the work that the team at Houghton had put in on the ground Tom was determined to make… Read more »

Houghton SJ May 26th

The sun came out for the CCIO showjumping at Houghton and with a full afternoon ahead of them the crowds were packed ringside which created a buzzy atmosphere for the first time this week. Figaro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) was the first of Tom’s trio and as Tom was experimenting with a hackamore the… Read more »

Houghton CCIO 3 star May 25th May

Just one test today for Tom as Houghton does love to drag a CIC 3 out for as long as possible.  Watkins is the ride of Zara Tindall and being an NZ TB he is not really a fan of dressage and it would be fair to say that he tolerates this phase rather than… Read more »

Houghton CCIO 3 star May 24th

A seriously early start for Houghton for Tom and Lucy Seddon and with three horses to ride in the CCIO plenty to keep them busy!  Tom is not part of the Nations Cup team as he felt it was nice to give someone else the chance and Team GB often operate a policy of giving… Read more »

Poplar Park and Tweseldown!

Whilst I was looking at the Rockingham results and noting what a busy Sunday Tom and his team had been having I totally missed the other events he went to over the weekend! Clocking up the miles for sure…in order to push the younger horses back to somewhere near where they should be in their… Read more »

Rockingham May 20th

A full compliment of five rides for Tom at the popular Rockingham horse trials where the Sunday classes of Novice and Intermediate completed the weekend after three busy days of CIC one and two star classes.  Summer has arrived and the weather was glorious, the only casualty being that the collecting rings ended up with… Read more »

Chatsworth International 11/12th May

Whilst most riders targeted Chatsworth for the ERM CIC 3 star Tom used it as a great way to bring on his up and coming team of youngsters and to ride a couple of Zara Tindall’s advanced horses at the same time. Three lovely horses went exceptionally well in the CIC one star with Barbara… Read more »

Badminton Showjumping

A simply glorious day and having jogged up two sound and happy horses in the morning sunshine Tom had the showjumping to look forward to. Strike Smartly ( Paddy) just missed the top 20 cut and jumped in the morning.  He jumped some super fences but it was fair to say that at his first… Read more »

Badminton Cross Country Day

With no time to watch anyone before he left Tom warmed up Toledo de Kerser and headed out on the course.  We saw them on the live stream in the collecting ring tent simply flying through the quarry with Toledo seemingly airborne for what seemed forever over the steep uphill fence out. As fence followed… Read more »

Badminton Dressage Friday

Last to go for the day for Tom and Strike Smartly ( Paddy) and a huge crowd awaited them in the main arena.  It was not sunny today but there was no wind and it was pleasantly warm so pretty much perfect conditions. Paddy really did try his absolute best and a score of 25.9… Read more »

Dressage Thursday Badminton

The sun came out for the Badminton trot up and was much welcomed… the horses gleamed and I don’t think there was a better looking horse at the jog than Toldeo de Kerser who positively stole the show.  Although in his unique way he did look reluctant to go and strut his stuff when asked… Read more »