Month: May 2017 by Jacky Green

Pontispool 28th May

Over a beautifully sunny weekend Tom headed south to Pontispool with three babies on board for the BE100 class.  As it turned out he had a bit more time than he thought as when they arrived it became apparent that Nasdaq High (Bodie) had earned himself a day off by springing a corn in his… Read more »

Rockingham 21st May

Welcome though the rain we have had in the last week was, I don’t think Rockingham quite appreciated it as much as the riders did!  Tractors towing trucks in and out and trashed car parks are not ideal but they soldiered on and did an amazing job to keep going. Having run huge CIC 1… Read more »

Chatsworth International 13th & 14th May

What an amazing weekend for Tom and his team!  Talk about riding high after Badminton, to pick up two FEI wins in one weekend is simply brilliant!   The first win came courtesy of The Magician (Mars pictured above with Syndicate Members) who posted a 40 dressage in his CIC 1 star, added just one… Read more »

Aston Le Walls 10th May

After the celebrations of Toledo’s spectacular Badminton debut it was good old Aston to put some reality back into the day to day job!  Although having said that since it was Lucy Jackson’s pride and joy Willy Do that had an 8.30 dressage it made getting out of bed so early all the sweeter!  Willy… Read more »

Badminton Showjumping 7th May

I think that Tom was on the horse that most other riders wanted to showjump today!  Having flown through the jog in the morning Toledo de Kerser looked spectacular in the warm up and gave a superb display of jumping in the main arena.  That clear round elevated Tom from 16th into 11th which also… Read more »

Badminton Cross country 6th May

Well wow!  What a day! Old fashioned skills were required today like cross country ability, the smart brain  to change a plan mid field, rise to the occasion and ride what was a feel and deal with it situation. Tom has this in spades and he and Toledo simply owned that tough track today.  I… Read more »

Badminton Dressage 4th May

It was a cool breezy morning but the sun came out for Toldeo de Kerser’s test and what a picture Tom and Toledo made! Lucy Seddon had Toledo simply gleaming and Tom rode him with such assured confidence that they looked like they owned the arena. A score of over 70 per cent, 44.6 has… Read more »

Withington 29-30th April

Withington is a fairly local affair for Tom and he certainly made the most of it with 7 rides over the two days. Nothing like 7 cross country rounds for getting your eye in for Badminton!   CHF Cooliza (Eliza) did a nice test for a 32, picked up 4 faults in the showjumping and… Read more »